Loukoumi GROWING UP WITH LOUKOUMI - by Nick Katsoris
Loukoumi doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up, but in the new children's book Growing Up With Loukoumi, her friends, Gus the bear, Fistiki the cat, Dean the dog and Marika the monkey, each help Loukoumi realize that if she looks inside her heart, she can be anything, because if you believe in yourself, your dreams will come true!

The book is accompanied by a narrated CD featuring the character voices of: Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis, Grammy Winner Gloria Gaynor, CBS Anchor Alexis Christoforous, Guiding Light star Frank Dicopoulos, and American Idol's Constantine Maroulis. The CD also features a narration of the original Loukoumi book by Olympia Dukakis and the original song "Believe" by Gloria Gaynor. To order a copy visit www.Loukoumi.com
Loukoumi LOUKOUMI - by Nick Katsoris
A little lamb named Loukoumi was supposed to go to America with her family, but she got on the wrong plane and then the wrong train and then the wrong boat.

In this international journey through Greece, France, Italy, and Morocco, Loukoumi meets Fistiki the cat, Dean the dog and Marika the monkey, each helping Loukoumi find her way home. Come meet Loukoumi and friends as they embark on their very special adventure.
To order a copy visit www.Loukoumi.com
Crimes of Fire CRIMES OF FIRE - by Nick Katsoris
Crimes of Fire is a legal thriller centering on the unusual murder of Katharine Pirelli by her conniving husband Tony and her troubled son Steven, both members of a New York organized crime family. When Tony inherits a windfall, his wife's sister, Deirdre (Dede) Livingston becomes suspicious. Dede immediately notifies Monica Hayes, a rookie Assistant United States Attorney, about the alleged crime. Although speculative at first, Monica and her colleague, Jeff Holloway, commence an investigation and they discover a pattern of incriminating activity involving the Pirelli family. Through the process, Monica and Jeff also discover each other.

This international tale of murder, betrayal and suspense continues on the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini, on Italy's sparkling Amalfi Coast, and eventually, in the courtroom, but only in the book's shocking final chapters do we learn all the answers to Crimes of Fire.
To order a copy visit www.crimesoffire.com
I Get Knocked Down is a heartwarming, witty and informative journey through the life of an inspirational young businesswoman who got knocked down, started her own business and picked herself right back up. It is a guide to help motivate you during those days or phases in your life when you're not feeling your best about your career. This roadmap to success is written to help give you a little boost, make you laugh, share ideas and make you realize that you're not alone in the way you feel. Most of all, this guide is real, based on real dilemmas, emotions, achievements and failures. To order a copy visit: www.amazon.com
PEEING IN PEACE - Tales & Tips for Type A Moms -
by Beth Feldman and Yvette Manessis Corporon
Are you a multi-tasking mom pulled in a million directions by your precocious kids, demanding boss and starved for attention spouse? Do you find the only time you are able to steal a moment to yourself is when you’re behind the doors of a bathroom stall? Then you are in desperate need of a play-date with Peeing in Peace. Between the pages of this book you’ll find your community, confidantes and co-conspirators. Packed with hilarious stories and side splitting parenting tips, the authors help you navigate the choppy waters of work, home and everywhere in between. Who else but these authors, two successful time-strapped busy working moms can offer a brutally honest yet beautifully inspiring glimpse of what it’s really like to be a modern day working mother. So grab a latte, enjoy the quiet and dive in. To order a copy visit: www.amazon.com
ERNIE & THE NEWS - by Ernie Anastos, New World Books
Ernie and the Big Newz is the story of a young boy who realizes his dream of becoming a TV reporter. In this first adventure, Ernie gets his first scoop covering the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He braves a big snowstorm and later discovers a great little hero. Follow Ernie through his exciting adventures covering the big stories in New York City, where anything can happen...and it does!

To order a copy visit: www.amazon.com
MILO AND THE MISSING WAND - by Muffy Clarkson, Cathy Circle, Jill Novak
A charming bedtime story about a young boy with a creative imagination, who finds a wand that he believes has magical powers. Each night, Milo waves his wand and says a special chant to make him feel both brave and relaxed. But, on this night, his wand has gone missing. This first book in the Milo series gives parents a tool to make bedtime a positive and empowered experience for young children everywhere.

To order a copy visit: www.amazon.com
THE PETAL PALS BEAT THE HEAT - by Denise Coughlin, Maria Pappas
Rose, Violet, Daisy, and Lily, better known as The Petal Pals, desperately need to cool off after playing in the hot sun. Join them and their amusing sidekick Bling, a hip-hop singing bumblebee, in their quest to run through the sprinkler. Despite encountering obstacles along the way, the Petal Pals are united in friendship proving that teamwork succeeds every time.

To order a copy visit: www.amazon.com
BE THE ULTIMATE ASSISTANT: A celebrity assistant's secrets to working with any high-powered employer - by Bonnie Low-Kramen
Foreword by Olympia Dukakis. A must-have insiders guide! Real life tools and advice for every professional assistant and their high-powered employers. A first-hand look at the world of a celebrity assistant, and its application to the larger realm of all professional assistants. Enlightening and entertaining, this book is filled with true stories and lessons from author Bonnie Low-Kramen's 22+ years working with Academy Award-winning actress Olympia Dukakis.

To order a copy visit: www.amazon.com