In 1994, I took a six week vacation to the Florida Keys. I took with me my laptop computer and the dream of writing the great American novel. Without telling a soul what I was doing I wrote for 10, 12, sometimes 14 hours a day and 6 weeks later I was on a plane headed back to New York with a 400 page manuscript thinking I was going to be the next John Grisham overnight.

I sent out letters to book publishers and literary agents which lead nowhere. At times I was frustrated and discouraged, but I never let my determination wane, and six years after that trip to Florida, I decided to self-publish my legal thriller "Crimes of Fire." That was the easy part.

I was determined to make my book a success and so I formed a corporation, NK Publications, Inc., established distribution channels with Baker & Taylor, one of the largest book distributors in the country, set up a website, sold the book on-line, got the book on Amazon.com, sold it in Barnes & Noble stores, where I did a 12 city national book signing tour, got the book distributed in Europe and the rest is history.

Two years later, my son was born and it encouraged me to write a children's book titled "Loukoumi" about a little lamb. When the publishers weren't biting, I again decided to self-publish. I followed the same formula as with my novel, this time doing 20 book signings (most with Barnes & Noble), several television interviews, got an article in the New York Times, and then came the ultimate vindication: Livanis publishing in Greece bought the foreign rights and translated my book. Now the Loukoumi brand has spawned a plush toy, t-shirts, and a second book and CD are due this Fall.

The moral of this story is you can accomplish anything if you try, and hard work and dedication will see you through.

NK Publications is here to assist you with just that. We are a self-publishing facilitator. We can help you with all your publishing, distribution and marketing needs including:
  • Editing your manuscript
  • Submitting it to the printer
  • Formatting the work
  • Cover design
  • Illustration for children's books
  • Submitting your title to on-line sellers
  • Establishing your Title in a major distribution house, which is a requirement so that retailers like Barnes & Noble and Borders can carry the book
  • Setting up book signings
  • Marketing and press releases
  • Prepare and file Copyright and Trademark applications for your title
  • Purchase an ISBN number and bar code for your book
  • Design promotional flyers and postcards
Nick Katsoris